Admissions Information

German International Academy Chennai is a pre-kindergarten-to-twelfth grade, a coeducational, college-preparatory academy which offers a unique combination of British curriculum with German Quality assurance. 

We are a mixed comprehensive academy; students are not selected for admission on the basis of aptitude or ability. We aim to provide an education for all students within the catchment area and welcome students with disabilities.

For a student with a special need or disability, a meeting will be arranged with the parents and the  Coordinator to assess the student, review reports from other schools or professionals and discuss the special needs in the light of the class and the school’s resources. For this reason, it is essential that parents provide full information on their children’s individual requirements.

The education at German International Academy Chennai is an investment that provides rewarding and unique experiences that last a lifetime. Our admissions process is designed to help parents make the best educational decision for their child. Prior to an application, parents are invited to visit German International Academy Chennai and discuss their family need. This can be done by telephoning or e-mailing the Admissions Office to arrange a convenient date and time.  

As we are a highly selective academy, the committee will carefully consider all applicants and enroll students whose families are committed to our approach to education. We seek students with diverse abilities and backgrounds who will benefit from our unique educational approach and who will value the personal and social benefits of attending German International Academy. We are happy to admit students throughout the year provided that we have places available.

Quick facts about our Admissions:

  • Non-selective admissions policy
  • Rolling admissions for year-around applications/enrollment
  • Generally, no wait lists for classes
  • Application process can be finished as quickly as 1 week

Our Policies: 

Our Fees: Fee details will be given at the time of the meeting.

Financial Assistance:  We are committed to being socially inclusive and accessible to families from a wide range of financial backgrounds, whilst remaining self-funded. As an international academy, we are able to associate with an external charity organization, IMPULS – fördert Bildung e.V. to evaluate the financial need of individual families. The applicant’s parents or guardians will be asked to complete a special application form in addition to the normal application form for entry, in which they will be asked for detailed information as to their financial circumstances. This is to enable us to reach a fair decision with regard to the level of support needed. The information supplied will be treated in the strictest confidence.

IMPULS – fördert Bildung e.V. provides German International Academy with a recommendation, which the academy’s admission committee uses to determine the level of financial assistance to award to an individual student. The committee assesses the merits of each individual application and offers financial support as appropriate. The program will be tenable throughout the pupil’s time at the Academy, subject to terms and conditions. However, they are reassessed on an annual basis as circumstances do change and it is important to ensure fairness for all.

If you have any questions about the Admission process or the Financial Assistance program, please contact our Admissions Manager.