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Take a look through our teacher testimonials and see what teachers have to say about their experience at GIA.


Ms. Khushbu’s testimonial

My journey at GIA has been spectacular and overwhelming. The school has positive vibes that makes it a beautiful shelter for not only students but also for the teachers and the support staff. You feel a very healthy and engaging environment around you. I am motivated to come to school every day, a driving force that tells you there’s so much you need to give to this noble place. Nurture the young minds in the best possible way.

Teaching at GIA has been a great experience that I would ever be grateful and thankful to the management. They have experienced Head of the Department who is not only an excellent educator but a wonderful motivator. Here I learnt number of years of work experience is not that counts. What is more important is the quality one possesses through their learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching by making use of varied learning techniques. I learnt so much from Inter year teaching. It laid a strong foundation by providing an open platform for students to learn in a more practical and interesting way.

I personally received positive support from each section of the school be it the administration, teachers or the support staff (including kitchen). The best thing about GIA is every member at GIA is treated respectfully and welcomed at the same pace. Our strength is our “Team Work”. At any given situation you can seek help from your colleagues, they are extremely cooperative.

My sincere thank you to GIA for accepting me to be part of their organization. I feel sad to move apart from this place but I will always cherish the beautiful memories ,learning experience  and the wonderful people I met here. I would definitely miss the delicious food made by our Chef. He is one of the best chef I have ever met.


Mr. Robert’s testimonial

Please find the video of Mr. Robert sharing some insights about his experience working at GIA.


Mr. Mani’s testimonial

Please find the video of Mr. Mani sharing some insights about his experience working at GIA.


Ms. Maggie’s testimonial

There are probably not many places in the world where I could have made equivalent experience like in GIS. Every single day there were new things to learn or see, which made the work exciting and challenging. If I had any queries, there were always colleagues around to help. In general the feeling of being part of this team was amazing.

Whenever I entered the school building, I was in a good mood and happy to see the students and all the people, who work at GIS. Not only the teaching philosophy was inspiring, I also loved the school’s attitude towards food and sustainability. The fact that they only serve vegan food was already one of the reasons I applied for a teaching position there. The awesome dishes the kitchen staff prepares, always made my day. Apart from that I got the chance to get more experience in inter-year-teaching and the benefit of small classroom settings.

Moreover I learned new teaching methods and techniques which I will adapt in my future teaching. I really enjoyed being part of this school and I learned a lot during my stay in Chennai. I will definitely miss it! Thank you everyone to make my time unforgettable.


Mr.  Julian’s testimonial

“Any experience that results from the interaction of an individual with the environment and which involve the individual constantly manipulating and shaping the environment can be called art.”

Working at GIS helped me develop as an individual holistically as I got to experience different aspects of teaching, caregiving and interactions, which broadened my view on an entirety. The systematic approach that is followed at school, made my transition into the system so effortless and at the same time, challenging.

The team of people and all the students that I got to see every day coupled with my passion towards teaching made my stay at GIS effortless. What was challenging for me was to come out of the conventional methods of teaching that I was subjected to as a student and expand my viewpoints towards the pedagogical routines.  

Being able to interact and work with students of different age groups exposed and helped me to various teaching patterns, which according to me was the sole purpose of my internship. I strongly believe in the above-mentioned quote and every experience that I had in GIS is absolutely relatable.


 Ms. Anne’s testimonial

German International School Chennai is a school where the warmest, nicest and most helpful people I´ve ever met are working. Starting over new in a different country with a different language and new culture is always hard but the team of GIS made it as easy as it could have been. Being part of the GIS team feels to me like I have found a second family.

During my internship at GIS, I have learned what it means to work as a teacher. I took over responsibilities for several subjects and projects but still was supported by all of the team. Whenever I had questions or any kind of problem I knew that there was at least one of the team I could ask for help. It was nice to see that all the teachers and students were accepting me as an educator who worked there for several years.

The contact between the students was also inspiring to me. They are all very kind, respectful and helpful to each other. Due to the fact that the GIS is an inclusive school the students learn how to deal with children with special needs and learn to take care of each other. Because of the small class sizes, everyone knows the other which gives one, even more, the feeling of being part of an extended family. It makes it also easy for the teacher to concentrate better on every single child, find out their strengths and weaknesses and create tasks that support the child the best. I also want to mention the great effort the teachers do every day to support all the students the best and to provide them with an optimal learning environment.

All in all the internship had a great impact on my professional as well as personal development.


Ms. Celine’s testimonial

I always planned to spend some time abroad during my studies. During my research, I found the advertisement of the German International School Chennai. Immediately I was impressed about their teaching concepts. I am so grateful that I got the chance to be a part of the great team at German International School Chennai for 9 weeks.

From my first day, the team was receiving and helped me out with all doubts. From finding a place to stay over how to prepare my classes there was always someone to rely on. Especially the lovely students made it really easy for me to settle in and to get into the daily structure.

During the internship, I got the possibility to take over a lot of responsibilities in kindergarten. For example, I took over German classes as well as the swimming lessons. In general, I made a lot of experiences as being a supportive kindergarten teacher, especially because the team integrated me as a full part of the team and not just as an observer. Furthermore, it was a pleasure to interact in German to the kindergarten children. It was amazing to see how fast they observed new words just after few days. As my time at GIS comes to an end I really want to thank everyone for this amazing time I had here.


Mr. Felix’s testimonial

Please find the video of Mr. Felix sharing some insights about his experience working at GIS.

Ms. Karina’s testimonial

GIS is a school filled with warmth, creativity, fun, and friendship. It is a place that is willing to implement innovative programs to affect student outcomes in a positive way. As when moving to a new city and joining a new ‘workplace’, I did not know what to expect. After being part of the GIS family for 3 years, I am glad I made the decision to move and teach. My initial plan was to stay for 2 years, however, I could not resist extending my stay and I am grateful to the school for letting me stay on.

GIS is more than a workplace, it is a home – a safe haven, where there is constant encouragement, opportunities for students and teachers to gain exposure in various fields. The school always looks at providing the teachers with professional development and mentors to guide us. The school does not focus on just academics, but looks into developing deeper bonds outside the classroom. The students are encouraged to use their gifts and develop on their talents in being able to grow into well rounded human beings. On an everyday basis students are being challenged by a dedicated team of nurturing and professional faculty who work in unison to instill core values in every teachings.

I am grateful to GIS for being able to tap into my potential and giving me the opportunity to grow further in my role as a teacher. I have always been given the freedom to share my thoughts on education and work on creating a positive outlook to the joy of learning. GIS will always be my ‘happy place’ – a home away from home. 


Ms. Jharna’s testimonial

My first impression of GIS was that everyone I met, was approachable and professional. Not once did I feel that I did not belong here. Right from the beginning, I felt involved in the process of teaching and learning.

GIS is constantly buzzing and evolving with new ideas to improve our professional and personal growth. The management never fails to appreciate a job well done. They are extremely encouraging and that fuels the staff to give their best shot no matter what they do!
The students are also challenged and are always looking forward to trying new activities that help with holistic development. It is wonderful to see children of different age groups work together and contribute to each other’s advancement.

Also, I am an animal person and the concept of learning from our environment by being in harmony with nature and the animals appeals to me greatly. It is a pleasure to interact with the pets which is a learning process for me.

At GIS, we learn to be in tune with our surroundings with emphasis on sustainable living, which I believe is very important for a better and brighter future. My experience at GIS has been a memorable one and I wish them a very bright and successful future!


Ms. Kalpana’s testimonial

“The first thing that struck my mind when I entered GIS was that it was blissfully calm and serene. In a city that is fast becoming cramped with buildings owing to burgeoning construction projects, we would be hard-pressed to find a school that is rolling in nature. And believe me, GIS is just that!!

kalpanaAs I had grown up inside a scenic campus, the environment was reminiscent of my childhood. This synergy with nature helps in the holistic development of children, especially the younger ones. It fosters a healthy curiosity and wonderment along with social & environmental responsibility, that is rarely found in cement laden study areas. Even the classrooms are designed to allow a lot of natural light providing a conducive learning atmosphere for the young inquiring minds.

If the environment is anything to go by, the staff is even better!! The team at GIS is close-knit, hardworking with a go-getter attitude. The teachers are dedicated and passionate about what they do and at the same time are open to new ideas and concepts. The management is supportive and constantly encourages creativity and never fails to appreciate an initiative taken or a job well done, however, small it may be! The values of the school are deeply entrenched in all members including the support staff who are ever so polite and accommodativeI’ve so loved being part of this wonderful school and I wish it all success in the years to come!!”


Ms. Bettina’s testimonial

bettina2“Coming to a new place, starting a new job, in general, starting over new is always hard. How is my work going to be? How are my new colleagues going to welcome me? Am I going to be able to fulfill the expectations, that others have towards me? And am I going to fulfill my own expectations?

All this I asked myself when I came to Chennai two years ago. My first ‘trip” out of Europe, away from everything well-known and calculable, into a professional as well as personal adventure.

From my first day at GIS onwards, these questions and concerns vanished into thin air. I have been welcomed by a great team of teaching colleagues and I have been surrounded by competent staff, who made everyday procedures easy and well-arranged and who were always approachable in case of questions or concerns. I have been immediately included in the team and integrated into school life. This welcome governed my stay of almost two years: As a teacher I was always given the space to bring in my own ideas and experiences, to gather new experiences and to develop and grow. The exchange with my colleagues played an important part in this – I could learn a lot from them. When difficult situations appeared – which happens from time and time, if you work with children, youths, and their parents – I could always count on the school’s support and together we have still found a solution for any problem.

One of my colleagues has installed a board in the hallway of the school, with the heading

“Today I am grateful for…”. Students and staff have filled it one after the other. “Today I am grateful for pizzas.”, it says, “Today I am grateful for seeing turtles.” (written after a field trip), “Today I am grateful for ‘cool’ teachers.”…Today, and not only today, I am grateful for my time at GIS!!!”

Please find the following video of Ms. Bettina sharing some further insights about her experience working at GIS. The video is here


Mr. Frédéric’s testimonial

“I’m writing this and I realize it’s my last day as a teacher at GIS. Tonight I’ll go home and a whole chapter of my life will be coming to an end. I’ve spent three years in Chennai, teaching at GIS. At first, I had signed up for two years, but I stayed three. Now it’s time to move on: it’s what I do, moving on. It’s what I decided to do when I left France to become a teacher abroad. See the world, start over every couple of years. So it’s OK. But still: there’s a lot of things, and people, that I’m going to miss.

I didn’t know for sure what to expect when I jIMG_2496oined GIS: international schools can be so many different things! All I knew was that I had a good feeling about it: the whole GIS project and the people I’d met during interviews. I wasn’t disappointed. For three years I’ve been entrusted to be creative in my teaching, to try new things and adjust my work to the needs of my students as I saw fit. I’ve been surrounded by supportive and enthusiastic people. And I’ve made friends. You see, it’s a small school, and this allows for a lot of humanity – I can’t find any better word to describe the atmosphere here. It’s not just a company, it’s a place where human beings work together. There’s room for individuality and creativity. There’s room for dialogue and discoveries. It’s also an international community, with so much to learn from each other every day.

So now I’m leaving, and I can only hope that I’ll enjoy my next workplace as I’ve enjoyed that one. And I just want to thank everyone at GIS: teachers, administrative personnel, management, and students altogether. I’ve had a wonderful time!”


Julia Schmidt’s testimonial

“Mein Name ist Julia Schmidt, ich bin Germanistin und Lehrerin an der German International School in Chennai und möchte unsere Schule gerne vorstellen.

Die German International School befindet sich in Ram Garden, Anna Salai, nahe am Strand. Diese Nähe zur Natur bewahrt ebenfalls das Schulgelände: Die friedliche und glückliche Stimmung, die mir als Lehrerin täglich beim Eintritt entgegenschlägt, speist sich nicht nur aus dem kräftigen Grün und der schillernden Farbenpracht des Biotops, sondern wird insbesondere durch den Anblick der fröhlichen Kinder hervorgerufen, die den Ort mit ansteckender Ausgelassenheit erfüllen.Die im Vergleich zu anderen Bildungseinrichtungen relativ kleine Schule profitiert auf ganzer Linie von ihrer Grösse: Eine freundschaftliche, fast familiäre Stimmung prägt unser Zusammenarbeiten. Den hoch qualifizierten Julia and WanFachkräften und Lehrern steht deutlich mehr Raum zur Verfügung, eigene Ideen in die freie sowie an den Lehrplan orientierte Gestaltung eines abwechslungsreichen Schulalltags fliessen zu lassen.

Die Lebendigkeit und Heiterkeit der Heranwachsenden verleiht ihnen hierfür zusätzlich spürbare Energie: Strukturiertes und erlebnisorientiertes Lehren variiert mit vielfältigsten Projekten, Exkursionen und Veranstaltungen, die den Schülern einerseits spielerisch Stoff mannigfaltiger Themenbereiche vermitteln, sie andererseits über differente Sinne ansprechen. Auf diese Art und Weise wird dem alltäglichen Lernen ein beschwingter Charakter verliehen, den Zöglingen deutlich mehr Gelegenheiten für unbeschwertes Interagieren garantiert und die unterschiedlichen Lernkanäle, die bei jedem Kind unterschiedlich stark ausgeprägt sind, bedient. Bei der Organisation und Durchführung des Alltags verhält es sich dabei keineswegs so, dass Independenz und Interdependenz Oppositionen darstellen: Selbstständiges Wirken und gemeinsames Schaffen ergänzen sich. Die individuelle berufliche, fachliche und mentale Weiterentwicklung entspringt nicht nur dem eigenverantwortlichen Agieren, sondern insbesondere einer interdisziplinären Zusammenarbeit: Aussergewöhnliche und einzigartige Ideen erweisen sich als synergetisches Resultat eines schöpferischen Teams, dessen Mitglieder einen vielfältig nationalen, kulturellen sowie fachlichen Hintergrund aufweisen. In Kombination mit einer gesunden work-life-balance sind uns dadurch ausreichend Humor und Unbeschwertheit ebenso garantiert wie Coaching, Motivation, professionelle Führung und Management durch die Vorgesetzten. Klare verbale und mediale Kommunikationswege dienen hierfür als substanzielle Basis, die dem Personal ferner dazu dienen, auftretende Herausforderungen in wertvolle Erfahrungen mit gewinnbringenden Ergebnissen zu transformieren, die die gemeinsame Zeit und die Bildungsvermittlung ersichtlich bereichern.

Des Weiteren entbehrt die Verständigung jeglichen Hierarchiegebarens und garantiert somit ein unbeschwertes, druckfreies sowie schöpferisches Arbeiten. Das Ergebnis sind unvergessliche Eindrücke und Momente voller Freude, Lernerfolg sowie Kreativität. Sie evoziieren eine synergetische, optimistsche und positive Energie, die sich nicht nur in unserem vielgestaltigen Schulleben widerspiegelt, sondern wiederum -gleich dem kleinen Naturkreislauf im Schulbiotop– zu den Kindern zurückfliesst. Hierzu möchte ich Sie herzlich einladen teilzuhaben!”  


Ms. Judith’s testimonial

“As I read the advertisement for an internship at GIS Chennai, I knew that this school offers the perfect conditions for my professional development. Hence, I am exceedingly grateful that I have been a part of the great team at GIS Chennai for six months.

judith_german-international-school-chennaiDuring the period of my internship I took over responsibility for several subjects on my own, but the team always supported me in any case of doubt as the team spirit at GIS Chennai is remarkable. That is also why all the projects, as well as the daily routine at GIS Chennai, works out so well.

The small class sizes and the special ratio at GIS Chennai make it possible to focus on the students’ individual needs and to build up an intense relationship among students and teachers which are of fundamental relevance as it is an important precondition for successful learning.

Furthermore, it was an extraordinary pleasure for me to teach German as a foreign language as the students at GIS Chennai were enthusiastic and eager to learn the language. As some of them even plan to live and work in Germany, I conveyed authentic language input (as I am a native speaker) in order to prepare them for their experiences in foreign German speaking countries.

The internship at GIS Chennai definitely had a positive impact on my professional development as I was able to gather a lot of teaching experience. Moreover, the time at GIS Chennai helped me improving my English language skills as English is the medium of instruction in school.

All in all, I am very pleased with my internship at GIS Chennai.”