Administration Team

Prabha Manikkam

Ms. Prabha Manikkam – Curriculum & Administration Manager – Contributing to the development and successful implementation of the school’s operational curriculum and quality plans.

  • Creating curriculum action plans that contribute positively to the achievement of the school improvement plan and, where appropriate, actively involves all teachers.
  • Establishing and maintaining high levels of professional conduct and effective liaising with Teachers/Interns to improve quality education and students’ achievements.
  • Ensuring ‘quality of learner’ experiences.

“The curriculum at GIS is diverse, thought-provoking, creative and promotes love for learning. I believe children learn best through practical ‘hands-on’ learning opportunities; This enables them to experience learning in a meaningful way that reflects their interest and needs. 

My role at German International Academy also ensures that the delivery of teaching and learning is of the highest standards and enables to structure the curriculum to broaden our students’ emotional and multicultural awareness, values and reward success and balances the need for hard work with a sense of enjoyments for school life as a whole. 

Personally, I would like to thank the Management for my recent promotion. I will strive to ensure the development and delivery of an outstanding student -teacher experience here at German International Academy.”



Ms. Anita Karvinkop – Senior Coach/Compliance Manager

With more than 16 years of teaching experience, Ms Anita has demonstrated excellent leadership qualities, in ensuring sustainable relationships with the management and work force and has maintained an excellent record in preventing instances of non compliance.

As a compliance manager, she is responsible for ensuring all activities at school are carried out within the regulatory framework.

She guides and nurtures staff and teachers to help them develop lifetime personal skills during their training and teaching process. Under her adept guidance German International Academy provides professional environment and makes teaching and learning an enjoyable experience.



Ms. Lalitha – Finance & Accounts

Ms Lalitha has integrated into the German Protocols and systems effortlessly.

She maintains a high degree of commitment and ensures our school is well managed. She loves working in the multicultural environment and takes pride in being part of the Administration team and is ever willing to tap into her strengths to give her very best to the management of the school.

She believes the educational system at the German International Academy is different from the Indian educational system. The curriculum, teaching methodology and application of pedagogy in the classrooms are as per European standards.



Mr. Gunaseelan – Head Chef

Having held progressive positions in hotels across the country, our chef’s love for cooking is fascinating to say the least.

Thanks to our Chef, the food is exciting and different every time and the same boring ingredients may just be an excuse for another new mouth watering and challenging dish!

The concept of Veganism with no additives, chemicals and artificial color, less use of sugar and salt and a fresh nutritious meal every serving is the dietary guideline of Supreme International Education, practiced in GIA. This whole idea has rekindled his culinary passion and he has channelized the same into making food a joyful experience for our children. The challenge is to make healthy nutritious food appealing to our children keeping in mind their natural preferences for food. This requires a smooth integration of creativity, culinary skills and knowledge of each child’s personal tastes

Our Chef fully understands the food philosophy of GIA and this encourages healthy eating habits right from the toddler level, which eventually has a huge impact on the child’s lifelong relationship with food also gives them one of the best opportunities to grow into confident adults.

His Journey with the creation of food goes hand in hand with German International Academy’s transition to a vegan school and what an incredible journey it has been!



Mr. Mohanraj

Mr. Mohanraj is responsible for all aspects of the Academy’s hands on facility management and ensures cleanliness, safety and security of the school premise and the school infrastructure at all times.

Having been part of the German International Academy for more than 2 years, he enjoys providing a secure environment for children to learn and play and is always on his toes to keep the facilities neat and clean.

As part of our holistic values, our school is home to a number of rescued animals. Mr. Mohan is a constant support and a great companion to all our animal friends.

He enjoys the environment provided by German International Academy that allows teachers and staff to achieve job fulfillment, providing a path for greater career development.