International Lower Secondary Curriculum (Grades 6 to 8, ages 12 – 14)

The Edexcel International Lower Secondary Curriculum caters for pupils from Grade 6 to 8 (ages 12-14) and is available for English, Maths, and Science. Based on the UK National Curriculum Key Stage 3, it gives pupils a well-rounded education while giving teachers an easy-to-implement framework and an easy way to monitor pupil progress.

Why do we offer this curriculum?kids

  • It provides excellent preparation for IGCSE and GCE A Level, or equivalent – through a structured curriculum for English, maths, and science
  • It provides a solid benchmark of achievement, with externally marked achievement tests and certification at the end of Year 9 that comply with rigorous international standards
  • It allows us to track pupils’ progress and identify barriers to learning through a variety of progress and achievement tests
  • It offers a comprehensive, well structured and up-to-date learning platform to ease the transition to upper secondary education
  • It gives the school and its pupils a seamless and cohesive teaching and learning experience, especially when used alongside other Edexcel qualifications for ages 8-19.

How is it delivered?

Available in English, maths, and science, the Edexcel International Primary Curriculum has been designed with the school and pupil in mind. It features a comprehensive teacher programme package with an array of support materials to help teachers implement the curriculum, plus progress and achievement tests that allow the school to benchmark pupils against international averages.

Progress and Achievement Tests

To help the school track  pupils’ progress and gain internationally recognised certification of their achievement, the Edexcel International Lower Secondary Curriculum features:

Progress Tests: Allows you to test pupils’ knowledge and monitor their progress throughout the curriculum.

Achievement Tests: Designed to be taken at the end of Class 8, the International Primary Curriculum Achievement Tests provide pupils with a tangible record of achievement to use when progressing to 11-14 studies, and then on to International GCSE or equivalent. Externally marked by us at Edexcel, these tests comply with rigorous global standards and provide certification at the end of Year 9 (Class 8).