Kindergarten Concept


Kindergarten concept of CAREHOOD

1 Introduction

CAREHOOD childcare forms part of the holistic concept of the German School Chennai.

CAREHOOD is operating a Kindergarten in the district of Palavakkam in the South of Chennai since November 2009. The aims of this Kindergarten are to provide consistently high pedagogical standards and to deliver an exceptional customer-oriented service. Aside, the primary and secondary school grades 1-7 are operational to be followed subsequently by levels 8-12.

2 Vision/Philosophy
Growing together
Our vision is the optimum realisation of job and child development. We wish to provide both parents and their children with the opportunity to grow effectively. We want to enable children to become confident and independent characters capable of coping with everything life is offering and demanding. Furthermore we strive to enable parents to become successful and recognised authorities in their professional lives and within their own families.

We can achieve all this by working together!

  • Educationalists working with parents, our most important cooperation partners.Pre-K-Classroom-CORP
  • Companies and employers working with their staff to provide them with support via a wide range of cooperation agreements with us.
  • Teachers working with the children entrusted to our charge, the welfare of whom is always our top priority.
  • The individual child working with his or her playmates and fellow learners within a group.
  • Kindergarten teachers working constructively within a team in a spirit of solidarity.
  • The crèche working with the specialist German authorities and government offices from which we receive our educational remit and with which we cooperate within an interdisciplinary network.

Our mission is to provide our children with a second home environment in which they feel secure, valued and comfortable and in which they enjoy the best possible degree of care and individual support and encouragement. All our activities are focused on a single goal: the healthy development of the children and the creation of a sense of self-esteem achieved with the assistance of positive experiences and familiar and reliable relationships.

The foundations on which this objective is built are a child-friendly, varied, stimulating and safe environment and a qualified and passionate team of educationalists and Kindergarten teachers fostering the development of every individual child on the basis of the well-founded pedagogical concept described below.

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