Water is an element that needs to be discovered playfully. For that reason, our main focus in swimming class is to collect most different experiences in and with the water. The children get the chance to develop basic motor skills, experiment and be creative in the water with and without different materials.

Only according to their abilities we start teaching different swimming styles.

Ball School

The “Ball School” is a new not game specific concept which gives the children the opportunity to collect most different experiences in motions, playfully and comprehensive. In changing informal playing situation they learn to deal with general tactical, coordinative, and technical components on different levels. Through the free and unguided playing, the children increase creativity and learn to make own decisions. With the help of the “Ball School,” your child gets the best preparation to play the big ball games like football, basketball, handball, volleyball, but also net games like tennis or badminton.


Already in the Kindergarten children should learn to be aware of their senses. For this, we provide different games to train the visual, acoustic, tactile and kinesthetic perception as well as the sense of taste and smell. This increases the sensibility to experience and interpret the world in different ways. Every child learns to handle impressions from the environment better. This strengthens their independence and self-confidence.


Basic motor activities like jumping, running, and rolling are part of everyday life for children. In the sports class, the children learn different games and activities where they can practice and increase their motor skills. Depending on the individual capacity the children learn basic gymnastically skills like somersault on the floor, headstand, or handstand. The aim is to experience the body in different positions, Of course, the “Ball School” and games for perception are part of the regular sports program.


Slacklining is a trend sport which came to popularity in the recent past. It is about balancing on nylon webbing which is tensioned between two anchor points, e.g. trees.

Balancing on a slackline intensively asks for and develops the abilities to balance, concentrate and coordinate. It, therefore, provides an ideal basis for learning other sports like riding, skiing or climbing and leads to a highly trained sense for the own body in general.

At the German International School, we use the slackline in different ways. It is suitable for artistic exercises when being tensioned over a rather short distance and great for training the sense of balance and concentration over a long distance of up to 25 meters. The slackline has become an established piece of our sports equipment.

Using the slackline is no question of age if an appropriate support is provided. Even our smallest students show courage enough to be guided over the line and so develop the perfect condition for further motoric abilities.


India, the home country of Yoga, that is one reason that we offer special relaxation and exercises in Children Yoga in Kindergarten and School. Children Yoga is specially adjusted to the needs of the child’s body. Children will experience their body in a new way. The main focus is on observing and imitating the environment, like animals and nature. While imitating their environment, children have a lot of fun practicing Yoga. The change of concentration and relaxation enables the children to reach harmony and unity of body and soul.