Inclusive Education


Nature keeps an exciting range of facets which make our life more colorful and – human.

At German International Academy Chennai, students get every opportunity to achieve their full potential in life, irrespective of any specific learning difficulties, or physical or mental disabilities.

This commitment is an intrinsic part of our philosophy. It is at the heart of everything we work towards.10521440_860049400701496_2258386588291697253_o

As part of our faculty development, our teachers undergo continuous further training helping them to best respond to their students’ needs. The further training reflects on specific topics, such as best learning tools and methods for children with reading and spelling disabilities (Dyslexia) or for children who lack concentration (e.g. ADHD) as well as latest scientific knowledge in methodology and didactics for children with special needs (e.g. Down Syndrome, Autism).

For children with special needs, individual as well as inclusive classes are part of their educational programme. In addition to their academic achievement, our focus lays in developing the child’s social, emotional and personal development to build confidence and autonomy.

We are proud of what we have so far achieved as a community and we are excited and committed to continuously further develop the programme and continuing our work in the future.