Principal’s Message

Dear parents, students and friends of the school,
Thomas PallushekWe are here for a reason!
During difficult times we need to make different decisions, in order to keep track of our goals. That’s why I am here in India.

Our individual approach which we are currently living with and in pure nature, on different countryside’s of India, is not only a temporary solution. It is a concept that is based on the power of nature where we are connecting. In 2024 we move into our own building which incorporates the vision to understand and preserve nature. Here you will find inner peace for the joy of learning in order to understand the world and our responsibilities.

Do not hesitate to excel to the max, when you are describing yourself and the potential of your child in order to get a seat in our learning environment. Please let us know about your own perception of the world how it could and should be.

Looking forward to our first interview and your family being part of it.

Stay Health, Strong and Happy!!!


Dr. Helmut Tegler