Mr. Robert

  • Born and raised in Germany
  • 2012 – General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • 2016 – Completed graduation as “Staatlich geprüfter Sozialassistent“
  • Since then worked as a kindergarten teacher in a bilingual kindergarten and in an open concept Kindergarten in Berlin.
  • Established a structured classroom environment that provided students with the freedom of’ self-directed exploration.
  • Employs Kinesthetic, visual and auditory approaches to make lessons interesting and interactive.
  • Actively engages students in the learning process to encourage participation and allow students to take ownership of their learning.

“Being a teacher is much more than making your students repeating the information which was lectured to them.  At schools, children should be enlighted like candles, combined with independence and responsibility. As a teacher, I feel extremely appreciated when my students learn something new with their own experiences or also from each other. I adapt teaching methods to meet my students varying needs and requirements

At GIS Chennai the learning possibilities are incredible because of inter-year classes also with the day to day contacts with school’s rescued animals. Social competencies like empathy or respect cannot be taught like subjects, instead, they should be felt by the students. Only the right learning environment can yield such results – so GIS Chennai is for me is a wonderful place where together with children I can make the world a peaceful and a better place.”